Review: "Boy Band" series by Jacqueline E. Smith

First of all, I have to thank Jacqueline E. Smith for sending me her books! This series is based on the daily life of a boy band, The Kind of September, and everyone around them. But if you're thinking that this is a boring plot, forget it! It's definitely not!

All three books are a really light read (I read Backstage in three days and Worldwide in two), but even if they were'nt I'm sure it'd still make me obsessive about them!

In the first book, Boy Band, we get to know all the characters involved in this story, that means, the five boys from TKOS: Sam, Cory, Josh, Jesse and Oliver, and the two girls that are always with them: Mel, their photographer and Joni, their manager. Through this book, the author tells us how the band was first formed, explains the relationships between all of them and... ends the book with a cliffhanger: someone is cheating on someone with a friend and there is this other person who finds out everything! Oh, and in between, two friends who have been in love with each other since forever, finally get together!

In Backstage, we find TKOS getting ready for their next world tour, but something is wrong... the person who found out the cheating is feeling uncomfortable around her friends and tries to convince one of the cheaters to end everything, but when it finally happens, everything collapses. Her own secret is out, all the other things she's tried to hide from her friends come out and someone is leaving the band!

In Worldwide, the band finally goes on tour, but it's not like the other times: after everything fell apart, the band is no longer a group. Friendships are no longer there, someone is leaving the band just after the tour, but in the middle someone really leaves the band and we are left with this huge unexpected cliffhanger!

Like you can see, these books are something never seen before (at least, for me). Once you get to know the characters, you really feel like you've entered their world and you truly live their problems, their victories, everything!

This series really took me out of my reading slump, because once you start reading it you really need to continue reading to find out what's happening next!

Jacqueline is currently writing the fourth book of the series, which will be called Spotlight, and I just can't see the day to have it in my hands! It's planned to be released early this year!

Classification: 5/5

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